Flat Earth Games partners with Epiphany Games for first title.

May 16, 2012

In news sure to delight those who grew up in the decade of Seinfeld, slap bands and SNES, independent gaming company Flat Earth Games have combined their powers with Epiphany Games to develop their first big title  for iOS and PC.

Founded by brothers Rohan and Leigh Harris, Flat Earth’s latest effort is heavily influenced by strategy titles of the 1990’s. “We grew up on games like Civilization, Transport Tycoon and Lightspeed,” says Rohan. “These things have always held a special lace in our hearts and we’ve been hard at work on resurrecting the core oncepts which drive them to share the things we love with a new generation”

Epiphany CEO Morgan Lean has pledged their full support to the team at Flat Earth for their project. “We loved Rohan and Leigh’s idea for their first game…once we heard the concept, we knew we had to get involved, so we’ll be providing Flat Earth Games with the expertise and time of our veteran iOS developers in-house and making sure the title is as
great as it can be.”

Of course, the Flat Earth team also extends outside its founding brother duo, which Leigh was keen to emphasise in a media release to RC about their new partnership. “We’ve built our entire team from scratch, and simply couldn’t have done it without their commitment to the project.”

Flat Earth’s first project is set to get off the ground in late 2012. To follow up for more information, head to www.flatearthgames.com.au