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Five Things To Do In Star Wars Battlefront

With Star Wars Battlefront launching in just a few days, we’re taking the opportunity to briefly list some of the game’s best features and some addition elements to we aware of before donning your stormtrooper armour.


1. Complete the single-player training:

Star Wars Battlefront is predominantly a multiplayer game, but taking the time to familiarise yourself with the games controls via a few short single-player tutorials is advisable. Learning the ins and outs of the aerial combat is especially vital to surviving a dogfight and controlling the air. We recently had the opportunity to go hands-on with the air combat exclusive mode Squadron, and it was actually a few rounds before we came accustomed to the controls. But once we got to grips with the targeting and throttle mechanics, owning the Imperials from the chair of our X-Wing was highly satisfying.

SWBF062. Control an AT-AT:

Marching over the Rebels with AT-AT’s is the focus of one of Battlefront‘s larger modes, Walker Assault. While you cannot control the behemoth entirely, nabbing the AT-AT battle pickup allows you to temporarily live out your fantasy of controlling the battlefield from the Imperial war machine in an on-rails shooting gallery. Controlling the AT-AT, you can fire it’s powerful lasers or call in a devastating orbital bombardment on rebel lines. The player’s time in command of the AT-AT is limited to a 100 second countdown timer, but for every rebel you remove from the fight, an extra second of time in the vehicle is granted.


3. Play as a Hero:

Similar to taking command of an AT-AT, players can temporarily become one of several Star Wars heroes, including Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader and Boba Fett. Collecting a battle pickup can spawn you as one of the heroes, each with their own special weapon and abilities. Since the beta, DICE had modified how long you can play as a hero, with there no longer being a countdown timer. There is now simply a hundred points of health that allow you to play on the battlefield as your favourite hero until depleted. The chances of grabbing a hero token might in larger modes may be slim with everyone wanting to play. However, the Heroes vs Villains mode gives players a guaranteed opportunity to face off as one of the Rebel icons against an Imperial or Bounty Hunter titan.

SWBF044. Know the Star Cards:

Players only have one primary weapon, so unlike Battlefield or Call of Duty where you fill your inventory with secondary gadgets and weapons, Battlefront introduces a Star Card deck. Players can build a deck of three Star Cards, each offering an additional ability or weapon operating on a cool-down timer. The recent beta only offered a small sample of the Cards in the final game. You can choose from items like a shield, jetpack, ion blast designed for taking out vehicles, or even a scout pistol. Finding a combination that best suits your playstyle, and particularly the mode being played, can offer a leg up on the competition.

SWBF015. Customisation galore:

Players won’t be left wanting with a plethora of customisation options for both the rebels and imperials. Some options, such as the Shadow Trooper for the Imperials and the Twi’lek on the Rebel’s side can only be accessed at the higher levels. There are numerous human and alien facial models and emotes, allowing you to give your character a high degree of personalisation. Imperials should be wary, however, as it can be risky and against regulation to run around the battlefield without adequate facial protection.

Star Wars Battlefront is currently available for a limited duration to EA Access members on Xbox One. The full game is released on Thursday for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. Stay tuned to Rocket Chainsaw for our full review of Star Wars Battlefront in the very near future!


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