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Fire Emblem Warriors screenshots, details revealed

Nintendo has launched the Japanese website for Fire Emblem Warriors, revealing new characters and images from the game.

We now know the game will feature two brand new protagonists – twins Shion and Lion – as well as Chrom and series veteran Marth.

Nintendo Everything and Serenes Forest have gone to the trouble of translating an article from Famitsu, revealing that the twins are the children of Queen Yuana and live in the Kingdom of Aitriss. The siblings are both heirs to the throne, but neither has the desire of being the future ruler. Aitriss has lived in harmony for many years, but is rocked by the sudden appearance of monsters from another dimension. Amidst the chaos the siblings are assisted by Prince Darlos, who is from the neighbouring Kingdom of Guston.

The game will let players control many different characters with various weapons and classes such as archers and mages. There will also be a weapon triangle, allowing players to inflict bonus damage – for example, Pegasus Knights are weak against Archers. Horseback characters will mostly remain mounted on their horse, and bond conversations between characters will also be featured in some capacity.

Fire Emblem Warriors is expected to be released on Switch and New Nintendo 3DS later this year. We have our fingers crossed that Nintendo will reveal more information at E3 in a few weeks.

We have embedded some screenshots and concept art below:


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