Final Fantasy XV Booster Pack+ Out Now, New Update Detailed

February 21, 2017

The Final Fantasy XV Booster Pack+ that was recently announced is now available for season pass holders and the powerful items that are included in it have finally been revealed. In the pack you will receive the Ragnarok, a single-handed sword with a powerful Warp Strike, the Dragon Drain, a fishing rod that suppresses the movements of fish, and the Avior, a reel with greater strength that weakens fish more as its durability decreases. The Booster Pack (Free Version) including the Magitek Exosuit will be available next week.

Along with the Booster Pack+ details, Square Enix have also revealed some of the exciting things you will find in the new update for Final Fantasy XV that was released this week. Along with the addition of two tracks from Nier: Automata, you will have more music than ever to listen to as you drive around and ride your chocobo. That’s right, the update also lets you access the music player while riding your chocobo.

You’ll also find that timed quests have been added to the game, you can take more photos than ever (you can now store 200), and the level cap has been increased from 99 to 120 so that you can take advantage of all the experience you’ll gain while completing new quests and taking new photos. If you have a PlayStation 4 Pro, you’ll also notice that the framerate when running Lite mode has been improved.

Final Fantasy XV is available right now for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.