Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood Expansion Now Available For Pre-Order

January 25, 2017

Square Enix has today revealed that players can now pre-order the Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood expansion, the second large expansion for the 2010 MMORPG. The Stormblood expansion will allow players to increase their level from 60 to 70, include new jobs such as red mage, exploration including swimming and diving, areas and dungeons to explore, battle system updates, and much more.

Check out the trailer for the Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood expansion below:


[toggle_box title=”Stormblood Expansion Story Details:” width=”Width of toggle box”]The Warriors of Light must join the fight for freedom as they journey into a new adventure. Taking place in the vast region of Ala Mhigo. Can our heroes reclaim the territory from the Garlean Empire and break it free from two decades of oppression?

Adventurers of Eorzea, it’s time to join the resistance and set forth with players across the world on another epic journey that will take you from the heavens to the depths of the ocean and beyond. A completely new chapter in the FINAL FANTASY XIV story is waiting for you![/toggle_box]

There is also a FFXIV: Stormblood Expansion Collector’s Edition available which includes exclusive items to bring with you on your new adventures including a Syldra Mount, Wind-up Bartz Minion, and a Chicken Knife. The Stormblood Expansion Collector’s Edition also includes a cloth map of Eorzea, a logo sticker, art book and an expertly crafted Zenos yae Galvus figure:

Stormblood Expansion Collector's Edition

To pre-order the FFXIV: Stormblood Expansion, follow this link to the official website. The Stormblood expansion will be available on June 20th, 2017 on Windows PC and Mac.