My first FFXIV dungeon, and Epic Mounts

June 2, 2024

After re-starting my Final Fantasy XIV journey last year, my progress has slowed considerably with life (and a wedding) getting in the way of a commitment to an ongoing MMO. However, after getting stuck back into the game last week, the game’s ‘Road to 80’ perk ensured me a swift levelling experience as I advanced through the main quest, along with the chance to finally tackle my first dungeon, still in the early stages of the game.

On the shores outside Limsa Lominsa, in La Noscea, I was carried through the game’s first dungeon ‘Sastasha’ by my more readily capable team of other FFXIV party mates, drawn from other Australian media. The dungeon is fairly linear and straightforward, involving chasing down pirates across a luminescent marine cave, remembering only a single key detail early on involving a colour to solve a puzzle later on, activating a certain coloured item.

Beyond that, it’s an easy way to see how you fit into an general party structure, which will be overly familiar to any longtime-MMO players. Lancers like me are Melee-DPS dealers, good for dealing damage. Warriors take aggro from enemies as their high HP totals can take it, while healers like Conjurers or White Mages keep everyone topped up. Final Fantasy XIV is also good at integrating an introduction to all this into its main story quest, so that even players following the game for its narrative (which is understandable for a Final Fantasy game), have the opportunity to dip their toes into the larger MMO world.

Beyond that, I’m still fairly early in my Final Fantasy XIV playthrough, with most of A Realm Reborn ahead of me, let alone the numerous expansions that are out, and the impending Dawntrail. However, one of the activities ahead for me to check out are the mounts on offer, with over 270 to collect. A press release sent out from the game this week has detailed some of the rarest mounts out there, and how to acquire then, which you can also check out below:

  1. Victor

Obtained via the achievement “Endgame Hunter”.

Possibly the rarest mount in all of FFXIV, Victor is a mount worth hunting for! Players must defeat 2,000 A-rank Hunt Marks, and 1,000 S-rank Hunt Marks in Endwalker regions to complete this achievement and receive the Victor mount. Hunts are notorious monsters that appear throughout zones. Some S-rank Hunt Marks only appear once every 72 hours or have specific conditions that must be met before they will appear, so hunters have to be diligent in their searches. 


  1. Triceratops

Obtained via the achievement “Nuts for Nutsy”.

Similar to Victor, players must defeat 2,000 A-rank Hunt Marks, and 1,000 S-rank Hunt Marks in Shadowbringers regions to complete this achievement and receive the Triceratops mount. As this mount has been in the game longer than Victor, it is slightly less rare despite the requirements being similar. These mounts are for dedicated hunters to show off their prowess and dedication to defeating FFXIV’s most notorious enemies!


  1. Pteranodon

Obtained via the achievement “Castle in the Sky”.

Players must earn 500,000 points toward their skyward score for every Disciple of Land and Hand in the Ishgard Restoration crafting and gathering content to complete the achievement and earn the Pteranodon mount. To earn points, players must craft or gather specific items and turn them into an NPC in Ishgard.

Master crafters and gatherers will keep themselves occupied for a while completing this achievement as estimates suggest it could take upwards of a week of real-time to complete the requirements. Riding the Pteranodon is a privilege reserved for only the most skilled crafters and gatherers!


  1. Astrope

Obtained via the achievement “I hope Mentor Will Notice Me VI”.

Riding the Astrope is a celebration of Mentors who are willing to help new players explore the realm of Eorzea.

Players must complete 2,000 Duty Roulette: Mentor activities to complete the achievement and receive the Astrope mount. Duty Roulette: Mentor is unlocked once you have completed all dungeons, and most trials and raids, and you have unlocked the Mentor status. To unlock the Mentor status, players must have completed the Main Story Questline; completed 1,000 instanced duties; and received 1,500 player commendations which are granted by other players after completing a dungeon or trial.

Duty Roulette: Mentor matches mentors with new players completing dungeons or trials for the first time, or, fills queues that are struggling to find the required amount of players. So you can help out new players and get a cool mount too!


  1. Wivre

Obtained via Edelina, a vendor in Mor Dhona for 500 Bicolour Gemstone Vouchers.

For players who love to explore vast areas and complete active time events, the Wivre is the ultimate goal! Players must exchange 500 Bicolour Gemstone Vouchers with Edelina in Mor Dhona to receive the Wivre mount. 

To start collecting Bicolour Gemstone Vouchers, players must first reach maximum Shared Fate reputation in all Endwalker zones by completing FATE’s, which are active time quests that sporadically activate. This unlocks vendors in Old Sharlayan and Radz-at-Han that will exchange 100 Bicolour Gemstones for 1 Bicolour Gemstone Voucher. Players will receive 14 Bicolour Gemstones when they complete a FATE.

Alternatively, players can purchase Bicolour Gemstone Vouchers from other players. But due to the time investment to collect them, players can expect to pay a large fee in exchange!


  1. Centurio Tiger

Obtained via the achievement “You Got Game”.

The Centurio Tiger is the original hunt mark-related mount added with the Stormblood expansion and is coveted among the hunting community. Similar to the Victor and Triceratops mounts, to receive the Centurio Tiger players must defeat 3,000 A-rank hunt marks and 2,000 S-rank hunt marks. This mount is considered slightly less rare compared to the Triceratops and Victor as there are no region requirements on where the A and S-rank hunts are defeated, making it more accessible. 


  1. Magitek Avenger G1

Obtained via Edelina, a vendor in Mor Dhona for 50 million Gil.

For players who like to show off their riches, look no further than the Magitek Avenger G1 mount! Players must exchange 50 million Gil with Edlina in Mor Dhona to receive the Magitek Avenger G1. This mount, along with a few others, are rare among the player base due to the eye-watering amount of Gil that must be handed over. Gil is collected in many ways such as selling items on the market board, completing treasure hunts, and various other activities. 


  1. Pinky

Obtained via Nesvaaz, a vendor in Radz-at-Han for 3 Exciting Tonics.

Delving into unknown portals in space comes with its risks, but it’s worth it for the chance to ride a giant pink elephant! Players must exchange 3 Exciting Tonics with Nesvaaz in Radz-at-Han to receive the Pinky mount. To collect Exciting Tonics, players must complete Treasure Hunts in Mare Lamentorum, which has a chance to let the party enter the Excitatron 6000 through a portal. Inside the Excitatron 6000, players must defeat enemies for a chance to open one of two doors. One will allow the team to proceed, the other will expel the party from the dungeon. Exciting Tonics drop from the treasure chests inside Excitatron 6000 at a random chance, with a higher chance to drop the further a party progresses in the dungeon. Just don’t let your other party members claim them first!


  1. Apocryphal Bahamut

Obtained via completing the quest “Wings of Hope”.

After fighting world-ending bosses and aether-sucking Voidsent, sit back on a couch carried by a legendary dragon! Players must complete the quest ‘Wings of Hope’, acquired from the NPC “Singingway” found in Old Sharlayan, to receive the Apocryphal Bahamut mount. To unlock this quest, players must acquire the seven Lynx mounts that drop from each of the Extreme Trials added throughout the Endwalker expansion. The Lynx mounts have a low chance to drop from the trials, and when it drops, players have to win the loot roll against the other 7 players they defeated the trial with. Players can also exchange 99 totems to receive the Lynx mount connected to a particular trial. Players will receive 2 totems each time they defeat the trial.