Final Fantasy VII and VIII Getting New Physical Releases

October 22, 2020

I’ve been pretty open in the past about my love of Final Fantasy VII and VIII. Whether its a nice trip down nostalgia lane when I can’t handle anything else or getting to see how one of my favourite games translates in 2020, I’ve long had a love for the games and franchise. Now, Square Enix have confirmed that we’ll all have another way to buy both games in December.

Already released digitally on PS4 and Switch, we’re now getting physical releases of those same games on those platforms. On Switch, that comes in the form of a double pack of Final Fantasy VII and VIII on a cart. It may look familiar to some, given this was released in Asia last year. With both games coming on the one cart, you also don’t need to worry about downloading any additional content.

One PS4, you only get half the content, with Final Fantasy VIII alone receiving a physical release on the console. You might get less content, but you also get a cheaper price and better box art on PS4, with the box art alone tempting me to buy it, despite already owning numerous copies of the game.

The Final Fantasy VII and VIII double pack for Nintendo Switch and Final Fantasy VIII for PS4 will both be available on December 4, with preorders beginning to open at retailers today. At the time of writing, EB Games only lists the single Final Fantasy VIII  release and JB Hi-Fi has both.