Final Fantasy meets the MSO with Final Symphony this September

July 12, 2018

The Melbourne Symphony Orchestra will perform a selection of Final Fantasy music this September, with two performances of Final Symphony, the critically acclaimed concert tour which began in Germany, 2013.

Final Symphony: Music from FINAL FANTASY brings together music and themes from Final Fantasy VI, VII and X, overlaying them into unique arrangements which are much more complex than simple medleys of famous tracks.

“Although there are many game music concerts nowadays, what makes Final Symphony so different is how the original music is interpreted more freely, in an artistic manner. It offers something really new that’s not just for game fans.”  says Nobuo Uematsu, composer for the series until Final Fantasy X.

Eckehard Stier has been announced as composer for the Melbourne tour, as well as Katharina Treutler on piano. The two performances will take place at 7:30PM on Friday 28 September and Saturday 29 September.

A sequel concert tour, Final Symphony II, toured Europe and Japan in 2015-2016, focusing on Final Fantasy VIIIIX and XIII. If you’re interested in hearing what Final Symphony‘s all about, an album of the original performance is available online, through several channels including iTunes and Spotify.

To book tickets for Final Symphony: Music from FINAL FANTASY check out the official site for the Melbourne performance.