FFXIV Oceania Data Centre launch prompts username gold rush

January 27, 2022

Final Fantasy XIV finally launched its Oceania Data Centre this week, providing a smoother play experience for fans across Australia, New Zealand and the rest of Oceania. It also prompted an equally-Australian flavoured rush on user-names on the server, documented by several users on Twitter.

Michael Carmody (@EmJaeCaer) spotted Bunnings Warehouse, Vege Mite, K-Rudd and several Scomos, along with Mixie Ma’tosis:

Home World transfers have been permitted since 26, with five Worlds available as ‘New Worlds’, meaning players who transfer to them or create new characters receive special bonuses like:

·         Free Home World Transfer for players transferring from another World

·         Double EXP for both newly created and transferred characters (up to Level 80)

·         Gold and Silver Chocobo Feathers exchangeable for special in-game rewards

Square-Enix have also created a special ANZ map in the style of Final Fantasy XIV to celebrate the launch, with key cities and landmarks represented:

Sales of Final Fantasy XIV Online Starter Edition and Complete Edition have also re-commenced, due to the opening of the Data Centre and the raising of the global server capacity, as well as existing players play time and log-in tendencies returning to normal, however new registrations for the Free Trail remain suspended as of now.