Far Cry 5 Revealed, Coming February 2018

May 27, 2017

After the game’s sudden announcement recently, Ubisoft have already begun to lift the lid on Far Cry 5 releasing a trailer that sets up the game’s overarching story and shows off a bit of gameplay as well. Along with this trailer, Gamespot have also revealed further details about the game and the changes that have been made since Far Cry 4 and Far Cry Primal.

The trailer begins by setting up the motivations of antagonist Joseph Seed and his cult of dooms day preppers who are aggressively expanding under the belief that the end of the world is truly coming and as many people as possible must be saved. Whether they want to be saved or not. The game looks to be taking inspiration from past antagonists Vaas and Pagan Min, while also working towards a theme that is somewhat more relatable for an American audience.

It’s been confirmed that you will take control of a new junior deputy in Hope County, with your character now being fully customisable, including gender and skin tone options. The game will also be fully playable in two player co-op and the game will even include a map editor that will add a ‘new dimension of content for fans’. Animal taming is back from Far Cry Primal, allowing you to recruit bears, cougars and potentially more animals to your side. The game will also feature planes for the first time, bringing in the opportunity to take part in aerial dog fights.

There’s no doubt that more of Far Cry 5 will be shown at E3 2017 during Ubisoft’s press conference, but for now we definitely know that the game will release for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on February 27, 2018.