Posted February 9, 2018 by David Latham in Feature

New Far Cry 5 Gun for Hire Trailers

Today Ubisoft has released seven (yes seven) new trailers for upcoming release Far Cry 5. The new trailers, which have fortunately been compiled into one long trailer, demonstrate the Far Cry 5 Gun for Hire element of the story, where you will team up with a diverse bunch of people as you work to bring down a deadly cult.

The trailers feature Nick Rye (kind of rhymes with Rick Grimes), stealthy Jess Black, dangerously stupid Hurk Drubman Jr, Queen of the Skies Addie Drubman, fiery Sharky Boshaw, legendary sharpshooter Grace Armstrong, and of course Boomer (the good boy). Each character has their unique personalty, traits, and preference for how to tactically eliminate the cult, and you’ll quickly figure out which one you prefer to call when things go awry.

Watch the official Far Cry 5 Gun for Hire compilation trailer below, and we should add this one needs a language warning:


Rocket Chainsaw has been covering Far Cry 5 extensively since its announcement in May 2017, and we are looking forward to getting our grubby hands on it next month.

Far Cry 5 launches on March 27, 2018 on Windows PC via Uplay, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 platforms.

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