Fallout Shelter Update 1.7 Released

August 28, 2016

Bethesda Game Studios have released a new update for Fallout Shelter, continuing their support for the free to start game. Update 1.7 includes a range of new content to expand the game and also tie it in with the updates and content coming to Fallout 4 in the near future.

The full list of inclusions for Fallout Shelter Update 1.7 is below:

  • New Quests and Quest Types: A ton of new Quests have been added to the Overseer’s Office for sending Dwellers into the Wasteland on exploration and combat excursions. In addition, new Quest Types, including Weekly Quests appearing every Friday and Special Event and Holiday Quests, will now be available. For the impatient Overseer – players can now spend Nuka-Cola Quantum to skip Quests.
  • Nuka-World Comes to Fallout Shelter: To celebrate the launch of the Nuka-World add-on for Fallout 4, all Fallout Shelter players will receive their first Special Event Quest: a Nuka-World-themed mission which, once completed, allows Nuka-World mascots Bottle and Cappy to appear in the Vault. Tapping on Bottle and Cappy while they visit will reward players with Caps and Nuka-Cola Quantum.
  • New Objectives: Back at home in the Vault, a bevy of new Objectives await players to challenge their Dwellers and help them earn additional resources.

Fallout Shelter is available for download on PC and iOS and Android devices for free.