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F1 2020 TV Spot Trailer Brings Us Together

The F1 2020 season is finally about to get underway, so today we’re sharing the F1 2020 TV Spot for the upcoming official Formula 1 game from Codemasters. This year F1 2020 introduces split-screen racing and two new circuits including Hanoi, Vietnam and Zandvoort, Netherlands.

Rocket Chainsaw reviewed F1 2019 at launch last year, giving it 4 stars and reporting that, “as the years go on, the F1 games slowly blur more lines with real life, and soon we’ll be wondering whether the gameplay footage is actually from last weekend’s race.” With the real-world F1 2020 season officially kicking off in Austria this weekend, we’ll have plenty of ways to compare the pair.

Watch the official F1 2020 TV Spot Trailer and find out more about the game below:


My Team:

Be the 11th team on the grid with F1® 2020’s My Team. Create your F1® team with your own colour scheme, logo and sponsors, and choose a teammate using the comprehensive driver rating system. Manage your team’s facilities, resources and time and make sure your staff are properly motivated. Drive the car you’ve developed throughout the season and take your place as the 11th team on the grid. Win the World Championship, using the acclaim you’ve built up to upgrade your facilities, and research the key developments needed to give you the edge.

New Circuits:

Drive two new circuits: Hanoi Circuit, designed by the legendary circuit architects Tilke, Hanoi Circuit, and inspired by iconic tracks such as Suzuka, Monaco and Nürburgring, and the unique Circuit Zandvoort, nestled amongst the coastal dunes in the province of North Holland, which is known for, amongst many things, that incredible last banked corner.

Read about them here:



Deluxe Schumacher Edition:

Drive as the legendary Michael Schumacher in four of his most iconic cars – 1991: Jordan 191, 1994: Benetton B194, 1995: Benetton B195 and 2000: Ferrari F1-2000. You’ll also receive exclusive content including themed car liveries and driver customisation items, including a unique podium celebration.

Two Player Split-Screen:

For more social play with your friends/rivals, two-player split-screen makes a welcome return to F1® 2020. 

One. Last. Time. The final Virtual Grand Prix is here, and we’re marking the occasion with something special. Today, we’re focusing on F1 2020’s new split-screen mode by showing off a three-lap race from Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, featuring Valtteri Bottas’ Mercedes and Lance Stroll’s Racing Point.

The Canadian Grand Prix has been a staple since the late ‘60s, and the race in Montreal has been a regular occurrence in the F1 calendar since the late ‘70s. With well-known features such as that last chicane by the Wall of Champions, and of course, groundhogs (which commentator Anthony Davidson, unfortunately, knows all about), the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve is a firm fan favourite.

For more social play with your mates/sibling/rivals, two-player split-screen makes a welcome return to F1 2020. We’ve captured this in-game, and the race doesn’t just show off split-screen, but also shows several corner adjustments and aesthetic changes made to the Montreal track.

F1 2020 launches on July 10, 2020 on Windows PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 platforms. Make sure to check back on launch day for Rocket Chainsaw’s in-depth review and as always for more information head to the official website.

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