F1 2019 British Grand Prix Highlights

July 15, 2019

Lewis Hamilton makes record-breaking history as tensions flare once again between Red Bull and Ferrari, this is the Rocket Chainsaw F1 2019 British Grand Prix highlights.

The free practices over the weekend saw great times from the big three, however qualifying once again saw a Mercedes 1 & 2 with Valtteri Bottas taking poll position for the F1 2019 British Grand Prix at Silverstone. In what was possibly the biggest day of sport in England’s history, the F1 2019 British Grand Prix was somewhat eclipsed by the Wimbledon Gentlemens Final which saw Djokovic beat Federer in a thrilling 5 set 12 game tiebreaker, and meanwhile over at Lord’s England was able to defeat New Zealand in a super-over finish for the ICC World Cup.

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With 144,000 in attendance though, the Formula 1 at Silverstone was as hot as ever, and we once again saw some amazing racing from the Silver Arrows Mercedes team and fierce battles down the order.

The Red Bull and Ferrari rivalry began in lap 14 when Max Verstappen and Charles Leclerc pitted at the same time. The pit stop caught Ferrari out, with the two cars leaving the pits side by side, and the battle continued.

The Haas Ferrari team had some power issues early in the race and both Grosjean and Magnussen were forced to pit and retire early, ending their chances of gaining any season points.

Lap 20 saw Antonio Giovinazzi from Alfa Romeo Racing lock up and slide off the track into the gravel causing a safety car. There was then a rush of pit stops right down the order, and the Ferraris and Red Bull cars were able to catch up to the Mercedes team once again.

Charles Leclerc and Max Verstappen were once again providing the true highlights of the race, fiercely battling through the middle of the race before Verstappen began to build a lead as he worked towards catching Sebastian Vettel in 3rd place. Lap 37 saw Verstappen overtake Vettel, however on the very next corner Vettel forgot his brake pedal and slammed into the back of Max Verstappen, causing both cars to careen off the track into the gravel. Somehow the Red Bull car sustained negligible damage and returned to the track, while Vettel’s Ferrari was much worse for wear. After pitting for repairs, Vettel was dead last and his F1 2019 British Grand Prix hopes were shattered. The race stewards also slapped a 10 second penalty on his time, though as the commentators said they could have given him 100 seconds and it wouldn’t make a difference.

With five laps to go, the Mercedes team was clearly in the lead. Bottas chose to pit, however Lewis ignored his team’s suggestion to pit and continued to the end of the race with his current tires. While ignoring team orders usually doesn’t go down well, Lewis Hamilton comfortably won his sixth British Grand Prix (and five in a row), and also got the lap record for the day on the final lap, with thousands of British fans cheering him on in a very poetic victory. This was Lewis Hamilton’s day, and one he will never forget.

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F1 2019 British Grand Prix

Watch the official F1 2019 British Grand Prix highlights.

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