F1 2018 Dev Diary 1: Making Headlines

July 7, 2018

Codemasters has today uploaded the F1 2018 Dev Diary 1 on their official blog, ahead of the game’s launch late next month. Rocket Chainsaw covered the original F1 2018 announcement back in May which you can read about here.

The first dev diary is about making headlines and career development, as the developers explain how you will deal with the media throughout your career, including interviews, photo-shoots, and more. F1 2018 will now be even more about choice, with the decisions you make off the track having just as important consequences as the decisions you make while racing.

The media are going to play a huge part in the player’s career,” commented F1 2018’s Game Director, Lee Mather. “It’s super important for a driver to not just be skilled on track. It’s all about being the complete package. The player is going to need to consider how their answers impact the morale of their team and also how other teams in the paddock perceive them. Certain teams may like to see a driver who is a great sportsman: demure and calm in front of the press, even under high-pressure situations, while others may want a driver who is more of a showman who can create buzz.

Watch the official F1 2018 Dev Diary 1 “Making Headlines & Career Development” video below:


In this brand new dev diary, we introduce you to Claire, the new reporter character in F1 2018, and you can see how your interactions with her shape the way in which you are seen in the sport and end up directly affecting your career.

Will you choose to exhibit showmanship or sportsmanship? Your answers can increase or decrease the motivation within departments in your own team, altering the price or reliability of upgrades, as well as any offers you might receive from rival teams.

Rocket Chainsaw reviewed F1 2017 when it launched in August last year, giving it 4.5 stars, calling it “hands down the best F1 game of all time.” It will be interesting to see how they improve on it this year.

The F1 2018 release date will occur on the same week as the Formula 1 2018 Belgian Grand Prix, launching on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC platforms on August 24, 2018.