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Evidence Is Pointing To Far Cry 6 Being A Prequel To Far Cry 3

Last week, all we had pointing towards Far Cry 6 were rumours and our own predictions, but two days out from Ubisoft Forward we’ve had a PSN leak reveal the game and Ubisoft followed up with a short teaser confirming the game would be shown on Monday. We know the game’s setting, some of its main characters and also that it’s coming in February 2021, but it also looks like like the product image may have revealed something else about the game.

Eagle eyed pundit Joe Skrebels over on Twitter has highlighted that new Far Cry 6 character Diego sports an eerily similar scar on his right eyebrow to the one villain Vaas sports in Far Cry 3. Criminally under-utilised, Vaas’s manic psychopathy and monologues made Far Cry 3 an amazing experience all on his own, with voice actor Michael Mando truly making the role his own.

In fact, Michael Mando is one of the large reasons people are making this connection between Diego and Vaas. In a recent Reddit AMA surrounding Better Call Saul, Mando said ‘Who knows… maybe I will reprise the role very soon?’, in response to a question from a redditor. Now, this could obviously be nothing, but voice actors have been known for teasing projects they’ll be involved in well ahead of their official announcement.

(Image found on The Hollywood Reporter)

Furthermore, there are more connections between both Vaas and his voice actor Michael Mando is Far Cry 6. The PSN leak for the game has all but confirmed that Giancarlo Esposito will take the lead as the villain of the game. If you’ve watched Better Call Saul before, you may recognise that both Esposito and Mando star alongside each other in the show. It’s not unusual for co-stars with good chemistry to be cast together in other productions.

Finally, the third piece of evidence pointing towards Far Cry 3 and Far Cry 6 being connected is there setting. Far Cry 3 is known for it’s tropical islands and the rainforests on them, where the game’s protagonist and friends had been taking a lovely little trip before falling into the clutches of Vaas. Why does this sound familiar? That’s because the Far Cry 6 PSN leak states that the game will take also place in a tropical paradise. Is it a coincidence that these game’s share a familiar setting? We think not.

At the end of the day, our prediction could turn out to be incorrect, but there’s simply too much evidence for us not to draw these conclusions. Either way, we’ll potentially know for sure on Monday as to whether or not this is correct, although there is always the potential that this will be kept for later trailers or a surprise twist in the game. Stay tuned for further information from Rocket Chainsaw!

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