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Episode Prompto DLC Almost Turns FFXV Into a Third Person Shooter

With Final Fanfasy XV’s release well behind us at this point, we’re now into the episode season pass DLC that was announced in support of the game. While Episode Gladio didn’t change much in the natural gameplay of the game, Episode Prompto is coming soon and looks to make some large changes to the formula.

While the other members of Noctis’s group obviously all use bladed weapons, Prompto is the odd-ball of the group with his trusty guns as his main source of damage dealing weaponry. Due to this, there was always going to need to be a little bit of a change when his episodic DLC came out, but Square Enix have gone even further than we would have expected. While you will still have the options to auto target enemies to deal damage and use abilities, there looks to more of a focus on third person manual aiming and shooting. Third person shooting allows you to easily target enemy weakpoints and deal massive damage to them.

The Episode Prompto DLC certainly looks like an interesting DLC pack for any Final Fantasy XV diehard to try out and releases for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on June 27th.


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