EB Games Site Crashes, Nintendo Classic Mini: NES Preorders Now Coming Friday

October 26, 2016

After announcing on Facebook that they will have a strictly limited final release of preorders for the Nintendo Classic Mini: NES today, EB Games has been unable to handle to immense demand, leading to their website crashing. As such, preorders have now had to be delayed to another date when EB believe they will be better prepared to handle the traffic.

For those unaware, the Nintendo Classic Mini: NES is a brand new plug-and-play system being release by Nintendo that includes a selection of games from the original NES days, including classics such as Super Mario bros., Final Fantasy, Metroid and Castlevania 2. The original preorders for launch shipments sold out at retailers across the country within a week of the announcement, so it’s sure to be a hard to find item.

The Nintendo Classic Mini: NES releases on November 10th and the final preorder units will now be available from the following link at 12pm AEDT on Friday October 28th.