EA Play 2018: Anthem Releases 22/02/2019, Content For Years To Come

June 10, 2018

After revealing the game at E3 2017, we haven’t seen much at all of Bioware’s new IP Anthem. That has now changed, with EA and Bioware spending a large chunk of their EA Play 2018 conference showcasing and diving deep into the game ahead of its release in 2019.

If you weren’t aware, Anthem is a shared world RPG built to be expanded over time and experienced with other players – think along the lines of Bungie’s Destiny. Bioware were clear the make the distinction that story is a large focus of Anthem and they expect players to also create their own stories at the same time, while they will continue to support the game for years to come with new story content.

The deep-dive began with a trailer showing off a fourth Javelin that we hadn’t previously seen – the . Altogether there are four Javelins you and your friends can choose from, each have their own special abilities and strengths, plus all will be customisable for you to make your own during your time with the game. The end trailer for the conference showed off a range of environments, some seemingly responsive controls and a tease of a boss battle to end.

Anthem will release for Origin on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on February 22, 2019.