E3 2012: Kirby’s Dream Collection coming to Wii

June 7, 2012

Silly ol’ Wii! People aren’t quite ready to let go of you yet. While Nintendo have been touting the Wii U for most of E3, they are aware of this as well, and have finally confirmed that Kirby’s Dream Collection: Special Edition will be released for the Wii this year.

Kirby’s Dream Collection is being released in September in America as a way to celebrate the pink puffball’s 20th anniversary. As the title implies, it is a compilation of past titles rather than a brand new game, but in any case it’s a great way to relive the old classics. The only things to keep an eye/ear out for now are:

1. Which games are going to be in the compilation; and
2. A PAL release date.

Fingers crossed Crystal Shards makes it in! Which Kirby games would you like to see in the collection?