E3 2021: Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin Gets Details, Demo Runs Into Issues,

June 14, 2021

Team Ninja’s take on the Final Fantasy franchise was revealed this morning at Square-Enix’s E3 showcase, as Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin, an action-0riented game. Now, further details are starting to come through, including key art, a demo and some context from the game’s creative producer, Tetsuya Nomura.

The demo, however, has run into some teething troubles. While it’s available on the PlayStation Store, players the world over are having issues actually downloading the game on PS5, with error messages saying it’s corrupted. The game’s official Twitter account has acknowledged this, saying “We’re aware of issues being experienced while trying to download and play #StrangerOfParadise #FinalFantasy Origin Trial Version. We’re working to resolve this issue and will tweet an update as soon as we can, we appreciate your patience.”

Meanwhile, Nomura has released a statement about the game’s origins on the official Japanese website. A translation of his comments from Twitter reads:



“The concept and planning of Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin came around the time after Dissidia 012 [duodecim] Final Fantasy. I thought to myself that I wanted to have a game focus not on character battles but on locations where actions take place. After some time had passed, I started planning a new Final Fantasy with the themes of “a story of an angry man.” More time passed, and I was able to combine both separate concepts into one cohesive plan, which is what you see now.

Even though this is a Final Fantasy game, it doesn’t feel like one. However, the blood of Final Fantasy runs thick with this game even so. It was quite a difficult compromise, which led to challenges for this austere title.

While it may take some time before the game is complete, the battle system is heavily linked to teh story that incorporates a lot of bloodshed, and I hope you will give it a shot!”



Square-Enix have also further details through a press release. The full game centres around our angry man Jack and his allies—Ash and Jed—as they throw open the gates to the Chaos Shrine. “Burning with the resolve to defeat Chaos, and with the memories of their struggle buried deep in their hearts, are they the foretold Warriors of Light?”

While the game is action heavy, players will be able to explore this dark fantasy world as they battle iconic monsters from the Final Fantasy series, using powerful spells and abilities from a sample of jobs including warrior, dragoon and black mage.

Square-Enix also released some pretty striking key-art, depicting the game’s Chaos-obsessed protagonist.

Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin is set for a release in 2022.