E3 2019: Konami Announces TurboGrafx-16 Mini

June 12, 2019

When Twitch revealed their streaming schedule for E3 2019, eagle eyed fans noticed that there was a mysterious “Konami Special Announcement” listed. Speculation ran rife as gamers wondered if Konami could be bringing something Metal Gear Solid or Silent Hill related to the show, but the announcement of CONTRA ROGUE CORPS during this morning’s Nintendo E3 Direct seemed the clear thing to show there. However, Konami have surprised the world, announcing the TubroGrafx-16 Mini.

Jumping on the plastic mini console bandwagon, details around Konami’s offering are still relatively slim. We know that the console will be released in 3 flavours – The Turbografx-16 Mini in North America, the PC Engine Mini in Japan and the PC Engine Core Grafx Mini in Europe – mirroring how the console originally launched in those regions.

No pricing details or release dates are known yet, but we do know that the below six titles have been announced so far. Stay tuned for more information as Konami unveils more details throughout the year, and check out the announcement trailer below:

  • R-Type
  • New Adventure Island
  • Ninja Spirit
  • Ys Book I & II
  • Dungeon Explorer
  • Alien Crush