E3 2018: Wolfenstein Youngblood brings the series to the 1980’s, with co-op

June 11, 2018

At Bethesda’s E3 Showcase event, MachineGames took the stage to announce a brand new instalment in their Wolfenstein reboot series, Wolfenstein Youngblood. The game jumps ahead in time from the 60’s to the 1980’s, and focuses on the twin daughters of series’ protagonist, BJ Blazkowicz.

Being twins, naturally the game will feature co-op gameplay for the first time in the series, and will again pit the twins as part of the Resistance against Nazi forces.

Wolfenstein Youngblood will be released in 2019, and you can view the cinematic trailer below, featuring a voiceover from the poetic and strong baritone of BJ Blazkowicz.