E3 2018: Gears 5, Gears Tactics and Gears Pop! announced

June 11, 2018

Xbox ended their E3 Press Conference with a blowout on Gears of War news, finally announcing the next main instalment in the series, Gears 5. Apart from seemingly dropping the ‘of War’ from the title, two other games were announced, Gears Tactics and most surprisingly, Gears Pop!

Gears 5 brings the series’ trademark cover-shooter gameplay to a new lead protagonist, Kait, who was seen in its reveal trailer fighting strange and terrifying new biomechanical adversaries who wouldn’t be out of place in a Resident Evil title. Check out the trailer below:

Gears Tactics is a new turn-based character strategy game in the vein of XCOM that takes place in the Gears of War universe, and features some well known monsters from the original trilogy. Check out some gameplay below from the presentation:

Gears Pop! is the weirdest announcement of the bunch, actually bringing the highly popular Funko Pop toys into their own Gears of War-themed mobile game.


No release dates are currently known for any of these titles so far.