E3 2018: 8-Player Raids, “Years” of Content planned for The Division 2

June 12, 2018

Ubisoft’s E3 Conference brought new details about the anticipated online shooter sequel, The Division 2, as the developers wanted to make it clear that they had learned from the missteps of the original.

Once the campaign is complete in The Division 2, three specialisation classes will open up – Sharpshooter, Demolitionist and Specialist. Each of these will have unique weapons, including a crossbow, grenade launcher and sniper rifle respectively, that allow players to complete their own playstyle in the endgame, and synergise with other players in team-based combat.

Speaking of endgame, 8-player raids are coming to The Division 2, and in fact the developers have plans for “years” of frequent, major content updates. “Year One” of this will include three DLC’s, or three “Episodes”, each containing major additions, and all of which will be free.

In addition, a new cinematic trailer was shown, displaying life returning to the world after the catastrophic virus which crippled the USA that set up The Division‘s events. Inside a walled city in Washington DC, life is relatively normal, while the outside is very reminiscent of The Walking Dead, post-apocalyptic and chaotic and complete with a riderless, wandering horse and psychotic gangs.

Check out the trailers below!