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E3 2017: Xbox Scorpio becomes Xbox One X UPDATE: Price revealed

Live at their E3 press conference, Microsoft revealed the final name of the Xbox Scorpio console will be Xbox One X.

The native 4K console is set to be released on November 7, and as expected all current existing Xbox One games and accessories will be compatible. For the technical minded, the console boasts a 6 Teraflops GPU clocked at 1.172 Ghz, 12 GB GDDR5 memory and 326 GBs of memory bandwidth. The Xbox One X will also include a liquid-cooled vapor chamber which is normally for servers and high-end PC cards.

The system will have faster loading times for older games, and will optimise the 1080p output to make games look better than ever on none 4K displays.

Finally, the Xbox One X will be the smallest (and most powerful) Xbox system ever. Pricing has yet to be revealed, though the conference is still going at the time of writing.

UPDATE: The Xbox One X will retail for US$499 in the United States, Australian pricing is yet to be confirmed.

UPDATE UPDATE: It has now been confirmed that the Xbox One X will launch for AU$649 on November 7.


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