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E3 2017: Rebellion Developments Reveals Evil Genius 2

Rebellion Developments has today announced new information on a game that they’ve been busy working on for quite some time now, Evil Genius 2. In an E3 2017 interview with Rebellion Games’ CEO Jason Kingsley the game’s development is briefly discussed towards the end of the video.

Rebellion Developments acquired Evil Genius‘ IP owner Elixir Games in 2006, however it has kept the rights to the Evil Genius franchise under wraps until now.

Evil Genius 2 will be a real-time strategy game where you build your evil lair, similar to Austin Powers’ Dr. No or basically any villain’s base in a movie/game you’ve experienced. There are also Acts of Infamy you perform which will help you become the world-dominating evil genius that you so desperately crave to be.

Watch this E3 2017 interview from Rebellion Developments including the announcement of Evil Genius 2 below:


Rebellion Developments has been making games for nearly three decades, with franchises such as Midnight Club, Medal of Honor and Star Wars Battlefront under their belt – however the games under these franchises made by Rebellion were for handhelds. Recently they launched Sniper Elite 4 which Rocket Chainsaw reviewed, giving it 4 stars, calling it “A nostalgic WW2 shooter done right”.

The original Evil Genius launched in late 2004 under Elixir Games and Vivendi, which I had the pleasure of reviewing nearly 13 years ago. While saying it has an “innovative game system” and “great animations”, I also said “certain parts of the game would require a massive update if a sequel is to be successful”. Hopefully¬†13-14 years is enough time.

Evil Genius 2 has no confirmed release date yet, and is currently scheduled to be a PC exclusive title.

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