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E3 2016: Paragon PC and PS4 open beta dated

Epic Games has announced an open beta for their upcoming free-to-play MOBA, Paragon, will start on August 16.

The beta will be available on PC and PS4 and will be completely free. Players who can’t wait until August can start early by purchasing the Founder’s Pack or Essentials Edition. These packs grant you Early Access along with a host of other goodies including skins, in-game currency, Hero Master Challenges and XP boosts.

From June 21 the Early Access build will be updated to include a new melee fighter, Khaimera. The character wields axes and specialises in isolating targets.

Epic Games has also stated they will not reset account progress before Paragon‘s full release. This means any experience and unlocks obtained during the beta will be retained.




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