E3 2016: More Fallout 4 DLC inbound

June 13, 2016

During their E3 2016 conference, Bethesda announced new DLC for Fallout 4 is on the way.

From next week, Fallout 4 contraptions will arrive. This allows players to build all kinds of interesting a whacky machines featuring weapons, conveyor belts and armour racks.

In July the Vault-Tec Workshop will arrive, allowing players to build their own vaults and experiment on dwellers.

In August a major DLC pack, Nuka World. Not much was said about the Nuka World, but it appears to be set in a theme park with a slight cockroach infestation.

Bethesda also revealed that a virtual reality version Fallout 4 would be coming to the HTC Vive platform in 2017. It will be demonstrated on the E3 showfloor alongside a VR version of Doom.