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E3 2016: Headlander Preview

Transcribed from notes taken by Andrew Cathie.

Imagine your life as a disembodied head. Now imagine it’s not your life, but instead a video game. BEHOLD! Headlander.

We had the fortune of going hands-on with this psychedelic trip-fest from Double Fine. And yes, you star as a disembodied head. One just having woken up on a space station…as just a head. With the ability to fly around, Headlander channels games like Messiah and Space Station Silicon Valley in the form of attaching yourself to bodies and taking control of their special abilities. Like the disco body, and the ability to disco.

At heart it’s a puzzler. Attaching to a red security officer will allow access to red doors, meanwhile others will allow you to enter small spaces, shoot lasers, and bypass targets. All control well and have a good sense of function and response. We look forward to seeing more complex puzzles and crazy body shenanigans in the full release.

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