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E3 2016: Gravity Rush 2 Preview

Gravity Rush 2 is a game I have been waiting a long time for, along with no doubt the many fans the original game on the Vita spawned, as it was one of the best games on the system. Now on PS4, I’m keen to see what the sequel holds, and the demo at E3 did not disappoint.

The demo had two tracks – a beginner and an experienced version, modifying the mission based on your choice. In the beginner version, more of the basic combat and controls are explained, and you fight a Nevi boss (Nevi being the shadow creatures from the original game). The experienced track let you uncover a bit more of the story and fight some human troops as well as a giant mechanical boss.

In Gravity Rush 2, you’re back as Kat, this time exploring a new city, arriving on a ferry at the start of the demo. She still has gravity warping powers, and is putting them to use undertaking a short sidequest for a new employer. The basic controls and combat remain unchanged from the original. You can still attack enemies on the ground with melee attacks, or float into the air and gravitate towards them quickly with high powered charged kicks.


Combat is now spiced up with ‘styles’ – Lunar and Jupiter. By flicking a certain way on the touch pad you can activate either style which opens up different gravity abilities for Kat. Lunar can help you chain attacks from enemy to enemy, a feature that was sorely lacking in the first game. Jupiter can charge your attacks even further, allowing you to create devastating area shockwaves if you target the ground between enemies. You can also very quickly, with a tap of the circle button, draw any objects in a certain area to you, to be used as projectiles for light ranged attacks.

The storyline for the quest involved Kat discovering her employer has been smuggling a substance which draws Nevi. She also meets up with the mysterious Raven from the last game, who is much more a help than a hinderance this time, as she helps Kat take on enemies and the boss enemy, with some spectacular combo attacks.

The boss for this mission resembled a giant quadrapedal animal, with weak spots dotted around its heels and back. You have to float and charge attack these spots in order to damage it, before finishing it off with a super attack with Raven and Kat’s forces combined.

At the moment, Gravity Rush 2 looks like a natural step forward from the first game, with the same style, design and humour that people came to love about the original. There’s not much else to say at this stage, other than the art has really translated well to the PS4, and that I can’t wait to step back into Kat’s mysterious world and get up to some gravity-fuelled hijinks.

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