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E3 2016: The Division Expansions and Content

We’re sure you’re still playing The Division. We’re sure you’re wasting your life away in a post apocalyptic Tom Clancy shooter. And we’re sure you’ll enjoy what Ubisoft has in store.

Covering their E3 goodies, Ubisoft has confirmed and announced a few things. Firstly, the debut expansion pack titled Underground will release on PC and PlayStation 4 on August 2nd. Xbox One fans can enjoy it a bit earlier, say late June. Sound’s good, right? Next, a second expansion pack is on the way; Survival. Aimed at re-envisioning the way you play The DivisionSurvival will add staples like adapting to weather conditions and scavenging for food into the gameplay loop. Cool. And finally an expansion pack titled Last Stand will following Underground and Survival. We don’t know much about it, unfortunately. Not yet.

Check out a teaser for Survival below.

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