E3 2013: Sony PlayStation Conference

June 11, 2013

Watch: http://e3.eu.playstation.com/


11:00 – Eleven! Hasn’t started!

11:05 – Still loading people into the theatre, apparently. Running late.

11:15 – “Beginning in one minute.”

11:17 – Starting! Mostly just music, flashing colours, and Sony logos. Typical conference intro. Game montage.

11:22 – Jack Tretton on stage to introduce. Thanking the fans for their motivation and enthusiasm for E3. Not just discussing PS4, but Vita and PS3 too.

11:24 – Talking Vita. Showing Batman: Arkham Origins, Destiny of Spirits, Counter Spy, Doki Doki Universe, Killzone Mercenary, and Tear Away. Remasters, like God of War I and II, Final Fantasy X and X-2, Flower, and Dead Nation are coming to Vita. New episode of Telltale’s The Walking Dead called “400 Days” coming to Vita.

11:33 – PlayStation 3. The Last of Us. Puppeteer. Rain. Beyond: Two Souls. Gran Turismo 6.

11:35Batman: Arkham Origins trailer. First proper gameplay and in-engine footage. Looks like Batman, in a good way!

11:37 – Talking about Grand Theft Auto 5. Exclusive bundle, with GTAV branded headset.

11:39 – Andrew House on stage now to talk about PlayStation 4. Knows gamers cant wait to see the PS4 system design. And now…they’re showing it!

11:40 – Similar design to all the consoles so far: a box, black. Slightly angular. Looks like it can stand upright, or on the side, in true PlayStation tradition.

11:44 – Michael Lyton, President of Sony Entertainment on stage. Talking about how their music, film, and other departments will be working keenly with Sony’s distribution services, for example with the PlayStation 4. Announcing a new content plan that will be exclusive for PlayStation Network and PlayStation 4.

11:47 – Confirming, again, that their video/music renting and buying services will be available on PlayStation 4. Netflix, and other expected services. Announcing Redbox Instant, for movies.

11:49 – FINALLY GAMES! Shu Yoshida takes the stage, president of worldwide studios. Proud to be there, to talk about the PlayStation 4. Talking about what gamers want, and how gamers enjoy software these days. Says they use social media to discover what games do/don’t like about software and platforms.

11:50 – 40 PlayStation 4 titles in development. 20 to be released within the first year. 12 of those 20 are brand new IPs.

11:53 – Sony Santa Monica’s game announced, developed by Ready At Dawn Studios. Looks like London, kinda steam-punk. All in-engine, looks great. Guns, and monsters! Tesla rifle. The Order: 1886.

11:54 – Moving on to the titles announced earlier this year. Playthroughs of each of these were recorded before the press conference, and will be available on afterwards on Facebook.

11:58 – Highlights of these. Killzone: Shadow Fall first, some jungle battle environment. Using a holographic drone it hunt down and take out enemies. DriveClub, some racing. inFamous: Second Son. Protagonist showing off his smoke powers, like teleporting through vents, sneaking up behind enemies. Lastly, Knack. Action, adventuring, and fun!

11:59Killzone: Shadow Fall, Knack, and DriveClube announced for launch. inFamous: Second Son for Q1 2014.

12:02 – Talking about the graphical processing of the PlayStation 4, especially rendering characters and expressing their emotions. Showing a Quantic Dream real-time PS4 demo. The Dark Sorcerer. Extremely impressive graphics. A dark sorcerer talking all kinds of crazy. Looks like he’s summoning something, or casting some dark spell. Twist – he’s in a studio, acting, revealing a faux green screen.. Still all rendered on the PS4. Rest of the demo will be shown tomorrow.

12:06 – Adam Boyes, vice president of third party relations on stage. Talking a new game, bringing folk from Supergiant Games to the stage. Showing Transistor, their new game. Great graphics, as expected from the Bastion team. Love the music. Will make its console debut in 2014 on PlayStation 4.

12:07 – Indy devs will have the ability to self publish their own games on PlayStation 4. Want the PS4 to be the most open platform for developers. Introducing some new games for the PlayStation family.

12:10 – Clay Entertainment, with Don’t Starve. Tribute Games, working on Mercenary Kings, a multiplayer shooter with a retro style. Young Horses, with Octodad: Deadliest Catch. Switchblade Monkeys, showing Secret Ponchos, a spaghetti western shooter. Ragtag Studios. Outlast. Ray’s a Dad. Oddworld Inhabitants. Full remake of the original coming to the PS4. 7-bit Games showing a twin stick shooter, called Galaxy. This section was mostly to show off indy devs on board the PlayStation 4.

12:11Diablo III. Exclusive PlayStation franchise based items. Like Nathan Drake’s amulet.

12:16 – Message from Square Enix. Don’t want to talk about Versus just yet, but will have more news to come in the future. Showing a trailer anyway. Yes, Final Fantasy: Versus XIII is a thing that still exists. Showing gameplay. Very impressive graphics. Action, shooting, swords.  Climbing. Running. Game is renamed Final Fantasy XV.

12:17 – Now teasing a new title. Disney. Kingdom Hearts 3. Showing some gameplay. Looks like an early build, but it’s Kingdom Hearts for sure.

12:18Final Fantasy 14 coming to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3.

12:25 – Showing off some Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag gameplay. Kenway stalking some dudes through the jungle. Very dense jungle. Hiding amongst the ferns. Good tropical jungle atmosphere. Hiding goes to hell when an enemy sets off a flair and bombards the shore with artillery. Sailing away now, with Black Beards, towards the attacking fleet. Lots of boats on screen. Dropping barrel bombs, boarding enemy ships. Looks seamless. Except the technical difficulties.

12:33 – Moving on to Watch_Dogs. Demo of the latest build of the game. A bit of a chase scene, main character being tailed. Hid his car, walked through the back door into a coffee shop. News report detailing the manhunt, a civilian noticing and trying to call the cops. Had to stop him. Contacting someone called T-Bone who is looting some super technology. Using hacking commands to help T-Bone stealth past guards, such as activating sound systems to lure them, and manipulating mechanical objects to make for better cover. Now making a run for it. Cops have him surrounded. Uses a hack to tack out all the lights. Slow motion shooting to kneecap the cops. Speeding away in a boat. The end.

12:35 – Moving on to sports. 2K Sports, their NBA game. NBA start talking to a virtual version of himself. It’s NBA 2K14.

12:37 – Bethesda partnership, bringing The Elder Scrolls Online to the PlayStation 4. First person action. MMO. Massive battles. Coming to the console in 2014. Beta will be available.

12:40 – New game reveal. Post apocalyptic. Mad Max, from Avalanche.  Guess the rumours were true!

12:43 – Jack Tretton back. Confirms PlayStation 4 will not enforce used games restrictions. Crowd goes wild. Trade games in at retail, lend it to a friend, sell it. Taking a dig at Microsoft. No online connection required to play or authenticate games.

12:46 – Talking PlayStation Plus, and its unification across all platforms. Similar services. Similar game bonuses. Seems like they were implying online multiplayer for PlayStation 4 games will not be available to non-PS+ subscribers.

12:50 – Moving on to Destiny, from Bungie and Activision. Gameplay reveal. Exploring a desolate wasteland “Old Russia”, with a giant wall. Aircraft flies ahead. New player arrives. Working together as a team to scout through industrial hallways. Impressive visuals.

12:54 – Using an orb to scout a giant interior. Activating the lighting. And now…bad dudes! Little drones, and some kind of nasty. Revolvers, lasers. Now a bigger boss-like creature. One player goes down. Appears you can revive them.

12:55 – Showing different weapons. Loot heavy. Character customisation trees. Reminds me a little bit of Borderlands, in that customisation and unique weapon variations is a focus.

12:57 – Made it through the wall, now back outside. Third character joins the party with some kind of rocket launcher. Sky blackens, a big ship enters the map. “Public event”. Bigger battle now, with more bad dudes and players. “Devil Walker”, a big six legged thing with a tank gun. Definitely a boss unit. Attack its weak point for massive damage. And that’s Destiny!

1:00 – Andrew House announces an exclusive partnership with Bungie/Activision, stating it help Destiny grow over the years.

1:01 – Gaikai time. Will be available in 2014 for the US. Will provide PS3 and PS4, followed by VITA, customers with a catalogue of games to be streamed for play.

1:03 – PlayStation 4 price – US$399, 399 euros, 349 pounds. “This holiday season”.

1:04 – And they’re done!