E3 2013: Microsoft Xbox Conference

June 11, 2013

Watch – http://www.xbox.com

Xbox go!


2:24 – Waiting. Waiting. Waiting.

2:30 – !!!

2:32 – Various feed are up. Now it’s a waiting game. Slight delay, apparently.

2:36 – We’re off!

2:37Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, right out the gate.

2:39 – Big Boss is riding a horse in an open world. Looks gorgeous. Can straddle the side off the horse to hide. Video is showcasing features. Like real-time weather, and various modes of transport. Tank! Jeep! Horse! Content looks similar to that Project Ogre from way back. “realistic passage of time”. “deeper stealth action”. Trailer seems entirely focused on stealth. Snake can run, jump, and grapple ledges. Dynamic CQC.

2:41 – new lady character, Quiet. New boy character, Eli. “Ghost Face”, from the first trailer. Emmerich returns, as does Ocelot. Some mystery  character called Code Man.  “And those who don’t exist”. Game looks to deal heavily with child soldiers. “SNAKE IS BACK!”. Son used in the trailer “Sins of the Father”.

2:43 – Hideo Kojima and Don Mattick take the stage. Confirming Metal Gear Solid V for Xbox One.

2:45 – Covering Xbox 360 before going on to Xbox One. Usef Mehdi takes the stage. Updating the Xbox 360 to a new model, designed similar to the Xbox One appearance. Smaller, sleeker. “Available today”. Beginning July 1st Gold members on Xbox 360 will receive two free games per month to keep. So far offering Assassin’s Creed 2 and Halo 3.”Hundreds of new games coming to Xbox 360″, like Splinter Cell Blacklist, Batman Arkham Origins, Lightening Returns, and GTAV.

2:49World of Tanks announced for Xbox 360, the first console release. “Custom built for Xbox 360”.  Trailer showing tanks blowing a whole bunch of stuff up. Victor Kisly of Wargaming on stage. Details the game and announcement. Reworked the game for Xbox LIVE and the 360 pad. Coming soon, free to play.

2:52 – Two more titles to close the Xbox section. Denmark studio announces Max: The Curse of Brotherhood. Looks like a platformer, stylised like a fun Dreamworks/Pixar like movie. Max accidentally wishes his brother away, and must save him. Second title from FROM Software. You guessed it: it’s Dark Souls 2. Trailer showing a night fighting dudes. Trying, at least. Big enemies.

2:53 – Phil Spencer out now, Xbox One time.

2:56 – Opening with Crytek’s Ryse. Set during the Roman Empire, as we know. First gameplay since that Kinect reveal way back. Great graphics, using CryEngine 3. Soldiers arriving by boat to a war. Rushing the beachhead. Controller promps in combat, third person. Not a Kinect game any more, by the looks of things.

3:00 – March forward in a squad with your shields out. Throwing spears, Almost looks semi-strategy. Fast forward the demo, now climbing a tower to take out guards. Can see down towards where the first battle took place. Commanding soldiers to take towers. Button presses indicate when you can use squad commands, for example he requests his archers to fire. Game looks very QTE driven. Catapulted boulder destroys building. Game seems to render a lot of soldiers on screen at once. Trailer wrapping up.

3:01 – Crytek on stage. Game is called Ryse: Son of Rome. Exclusive to Xbox One, at launch. Playable at E3.

3:02 – Jago! Glacious! Saberwolf! ULTRA COMBO! Killer Instinct Xbox One is a thing, coming.

3:03 – Ted Price from Insomniac Games on stage, introducing their next game. Called Sunset Overdrive, a stylised open world shooter, where “the experience can change every day”. A “living world game”. Trailer time.

3:05 – Cartoonish, fast, and over the top. Monsters. Guy is using a vinyl disk launcher. Attaching soft drink to a shotgun to power it up. It’s like a 90’s cartoon, as a game.

3:06 – Car stuff now. Forza 5, of course. They bought a car to the event. Unfortunately I know nothing about cars. Sorry guys.

3:09 – Showing real time footage of. Says the new generation is more than poly counts and texture resolution. Its about making things seem more real: lighting, atmosphere. That kind of stuff. The importance of Xbox LIVE, and “The Cloud”. Showing racing footage. “DriverTar” Keeps track of your racing style, and stores that data in the cloud. Seems to use  Seems to use that data to create people-like AIs for you to race. Trailer time!

3:12 – Phil Harrison on stage. Says Forza 5 will be available at launch. Says fostering developers is essential to the Xbox future.

3:13 – Announcing some Microsoft Studios games. Announces Minecraft for Xbox One. Bigger maps, and all that jazz.

3:15 – Sam Lake from Remedy on stage, here to talk about Quantum Break. Wants to blur the lines between game and television, where the choices you make in the game craft a personalised version of the TV show, and watching the TV show gives you info that will impact how you play. “The ultimate Remedy experience”.

3:17 – First  footage. Main character experiences a failed time experience that slows down and freezes time. All real-time. Looks very nice. Main character and a partner enter a building to see a frozen explosion, and a woman caught in it. Pulls her out of slowed time to save her. Frozen time collapses…explosion!

[youtube id=”E087GDdXYl4″ width=”600″ height=”350″]

3:18 – Microsoft Studios announces a new game from the Deadly Premonition team. Cel shaded murder mystery called D4.

3:21Spark announced, a Kinect and smart glass controlled creative game. Able to craft your own worlds, like a map maker. Enters the world as a character, and starts adding props. Every prop has editable “behaviours”. Demo making a rock a pet, as it follows the character around. Spark Project is about making your own games. Create a hoard of goblins, and sends the pet rock to attack.

3:22 – Showing developers taking their concept and making their own changes. Seems multiplayer. Characters are casting spells to attack a giant hoard of goblins. Rock pet becomes rock mech.

3:23 – Demoing stuff people have created. 2D platformers. Ball rolling games. Shooters. Top down, side scrolling. Piano tool. Seems like Microsoft’s answer to LittleBigPlanet.

3:27 – Mark Whitten and Ashten on stage, talking about Xbox One’s various features. Showing smart glass. Can use smart glass to operate all your menus. It’s like an extended, game-tailored menu system. Checking friends achievements, recordings, and so on. Jumping into a game of Ryse. Watches how she’s able to play one game as smart glass shows her waiting to load another. Now Killer Instinct. Jago vs Saberwolf. Jago kicked the crap out of Saberwolf. Showing how the game was automatically recorded, and said “Upload” to upload it to the system. Can now update the video, cutting the time, and record his own commentary. Upload to the cloud, and share it with his friends.

3:28 – Partnership with twitch, which is used to share data. Can broadcast  your game live. Microsoft Points changing to real money.

3:31 – Creator of Panzer Dragoon, debuting a new game. No sound in the trailer. Whoops! Looks good, at least. Audience is hollaring, as the sound is broken. Called Crimson Dragon.

3:34 – Capcom Vancouver. Open world zombie game. Dead Rising 3. New hero and city. Trailer now. New hero, new city. Three days after an outbreak. Looks like similar gameplay the previous Dead Rising titles. Hoards and hoards of zombies. Climbing up stuff to get away. Open world with no load times. Focusing on density. Crafting is back. Tapes torch to pistol. Using a flair to distract the zombies, as they’re attracted to the light. Doing a runner from the hoard!

3:37 – Shooting up some zombies with a light machine-gun. Now hitting them with a hammer. Slicing with a handsaw. “World is full of hundreds of weapons”. Tied the saw to the hammer. Vehicles! Stole a car, now driving over zombies. Showing smart glass integration, such as calling in artillery support to take out the hoards of zombies. Poor guys. It’s exclusive to Xbox One.

3:39 – CD Projekt Red, showcasing The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Certainly coming to Xbox One. Optional voice commands in combat withKinect, for casting spells. Smart glass can be used for inventory management.

3:41 – First footage, looks gorgeous. “Some fight for glory, some for gold. I fight for those I hold dear.”

[youtube id=”TZ_G6XiHoUA” width=”600″ height=”350″]

3:42 – EA and DICE on the stage with Battlefield 4. 60fps gameplay.  Sound looks like it’s cut out again.

3:43 – Still having audio issues. Oh boy.

3:44 – Finally. “Angry Sea” demo. Looks like they’re shooting up a boat. Lots of bang bang boom boom. Pretty graphics.

3:46 – Whatever it is (aircraft carrier?) splits in half, because reason. Very cinematic. Shooting dudes on a half sunk surface of a split in half aircraft carrier as planes and other goodies tumble past. This cannot be safe.

3:49 – Jump off the aircraft carrier (or what was of it) to get into a boat. Water combat time. Driving around in the boat, using the mounted gun to mess up other boats. Sure looks like Battlefield! Exclusive launch of the first map pack, Second Assault, on Xbox One. other platforms later.

[youtube id=”wBSbxjkLXuU” width=”600″ height=”350″]

3:50 – Phil Spencer back. New rogue-like game, Below.

3:51 – Microsoft investing in five new studios to create Xbox exclusive. Black Tusk working on an exclusive Showing in-engine stuff. Modern day, fireworks, nice looking city. Guy stealthing down the side of a skyscraper. Looks like it will be a spy/stealth game.

3:54 – Showing another exclusive. Guy wandering the desert, in robes. Definitely an alien planet. Looks an awful lot like Halo. BECAUSE IT IS HALO. A 2014 title.

3:55 – Bonnie Ross from 343. Reiterating the announcement of Spartan Assault and the TV series collaboration. 60fps. Cloud. Etc.

3:57 – Xbox One launch is this November, worldwide.

3:59 – One last exclusive…TitanFall from Respawn Interactive. First footage. Running, shooting, jetpacks, mechs, cloaking devices.” I Just know I’m gonna make them pay.” Looks fun!

4:05 – Vince Zampella from Respawn. TitanFall built around the Cloud. Now demoing gameplay. Start off in a shit way above the sky, in orbit. Ship jumps into planet sky, and now they’re bailing out into combat. Maps look quite large. Kills a dude, +600. Free running, jetpacking, and wall running. Now piloting a mech. Can use a gravity power, like in District 9, to pull up enemy projectiles and throw them back. Eject out of the mech when shit hits the fan. Grapple enemy mechs and attack the weak point for massive damage. That’s TitanFall. 2014 title.

4:06 – And that’s a wrap!