E3 2013: EA Games Conference

June 11, 2013

Watch: http://www.ea.com/au/e3/live-stream


5:55 – Five minutes until EA’s big event starts.

6:00 – Starting on time!

6:01 – Flashy light show introducing the event.

6:03 – Peter Moore on stage. Everything they’re showing is “brand new code” for Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Eleven new games.

6:04 – Opening with Plants Vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare, with a cheesy Battlefield knock-off intro. Powered by Frostbite 3. Looks very silly, in a good way.

6:06 – John Vechey from PopCap here to talk about it, wearing a zombie helmet. Is a third person game. Developers on stage now to talk about it. Want to capture what they love about action games, and what people love about PvZ. Showing four player co-op survival mode.

6:10 – Third person, as they said. Playing as a pea shooter. Plays like a third person shooter. Chomper can tunnel into the ground, eat zombies. Sunflower is the healer class, similar to the medic from Team Fortress 2. Cactus launching spines over a distance, a long range class. Wave based, like any defence game. “Boss Wave”, now trying to take down disco zombie with a hoard of dancers. The Gargantuar, a gigantic zombie with a smaller zombie attached to his back. He’s using a power line post as an axe. GIANT mecha zombie show just as it ends. Looks quite fun!

6:11Peggle 2 announced. Made it dramatic, then ran off stage.

6:14TitanFall. Developer video. Wanted to focus on ‘fun’ and ‘unique’, not retreading old ground. Multiplayer, with the feel of a single player world. Mechs are the “ultimate evolution of a battle tank”. Levels built for the scale and size of a mech to get around, as well as a solider.

6:15 – Someone else on stage, talking about game engines. EA has invested in two engines: Frostbite 3 and EA Sports Ignite. All following games are built on those two engines.

6:16 – New game from DICE. Science fiction, Star Wars! Star Wars: Battlefront. Nothing more to show.

[youtube id=”Vx4JQf8qR-k” width=”600″ height=”350″]

6:21Need for Speed: Rivals. Cops ‘n cars. Developed by Ghost Games. Uses a system called “All Drive”. Two devs demoing the game, one playing as a cop, the other as a racer. Each is playing single player. Showing how the two modes can converge into multiplayer. Racing player sees the option to enter a race, does so, and the police player is the opponent. Impressive visuals.

6:23 – That guy from Breaking Bad and the Need For Speed movie is there. Aaron Paul. Custom Ford Mustang on stage. Showing a movie trailer now, or I should say behind-the-scenes video of fancy cars doing fancy shit.

6:25Dragon Age III: Inquisition. Aaryn Flyn, talking about it being a vast open world. Diverse and complex characters – new and old. Set for 2014. First trailer, called The Fires Above. Impressive visuals, Frostbite 3 doing its job. Sure looks like Morrigan!

6:27 – EA Sports. Andrew Wilson talking about them being proud of their past, but today is about the future, specifically EA Sports Ignite engine. Human Intelligence, True Player Motion, and Living World are the three pillars of their sports focus.

6:31– Sean O’Brean and NBA star Kyrie Irving, talking about NBA Live 14. Specifically, dribbling, the importance of it, and how they plan to integrate it into the engines. In past games the ball was tied to your hands. Now the ball has its own physics engine. Real player-specific NBA recorded data will be downloaded hourly to NBA Live 14. Trailer.

6:34 Madden NFL 25. “Everything yo usee here is actual gameplay footage”. Want players to move like real NFL athletes. True step locomotion system accurately simulates footwork. Player sense changes the way each player reacts to a situation. Adrian Peterson the cover dude. Trailer.

6:40 – Now FIFA 14. Drake on stage, because reasons. Talking nonsense. Matt Bilbey from the dev team on stage. Like NBA and NFL, FIFA 14 is using new technology to simulate the way players and the ball move and interact with the field. Trailer.

[youtube id=”YhtEptom1NI” width=”600″ height=”350″]

6:45 – Bruce Buffer on stage, which means UFC. Talking up the game and the importance of fighting. MMAI system, which controls how fights respond. Full body deformation to simulate the physical contact and damage of fighting. Trailer.

6:48 – DICE now on stage with Battlefield 4. “Levolution”, their word for 64 player battles with dynamic destruction and varied gameplay. Commander mode returns, birds eye view to give critical info to soldiers and control assets. Supports tablets. Demoing multiplayer now, called Siege of Shanghai. They’ve got a full game’s worth (64) players on stage playing.

6:54 – Live demo. Fighting in a city, both above ground and below in buildings. Commander is giving them orders as to which points to attack. Took out a support pillar to cave in the ground and trap a tank. Driving an attack boat. Bailing out to avoid a helicopter, jetsking away towards a skyscraper where point C is on top. Taking the elevator to the top floor. Take down the helicopter. Tanks trying to take the building down. Commander calls in a missile with a tablet to take out the tanks. Capture the flag, bailed out of the building’s top floor and parachuted to the bottom. Building collapses.

6:55Mirror’s Edge 2! All in-game footage. Faith is back. Looks gorgeous, and amazing.

[youtube id=”u6PXba8X6N8″ width=”600″ height=”350″]

6:57 – Peter Moore on stage to thank ya’ll. That’s a wrap!