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E3 2016: PlayStation VR Dated and Priced

Need yourself a 3D waifu? Or perhaps an even more realistic murder simulator? Or maybe you just to play golf or something. Either way, start saving those hard earned Aussie dollars because PlayStation VR is on the way.

Given proper coverage at Sony’s E3 2016 press event, the publisher/hardware giant announced that PlayStation VR for PlayStation 4 would be launching in the United States on October 13 this year. Soon, hey? We’re yet to get specifics on an Australian date, but we imagine it wont be far behind. Additionally, Aussie buyers looking to enter the future of interactive entertainment can enjoy ponying up AU$549 for the device. So while we may not know exactly when we’ll get to play, we do have ample time to take out a loan.

Sony are promising around 50 games with VR support by the end of 2016. Quite a few were on display at the press conference, and you can check out a handful of trailers below.


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