Dynasty Warriors 9 goes open world

May 12, 2017

Following up from our report in December last year, Koei Temco have announced via a press release new details concerning Dynasty Warriors 9.

The company has confirmed the game will be open world and will be getting a Western release. 83 characters from the franchise’s history will return as well as new faces including Cheng Pu, a long-term retainer of the Sun family who contributed to the stability of the Wu Kingdom.

The story will once again span from the waning days of the Han dynasty to the emergence of the Three Kingdoms era (and presumably the Jin faction which was introduced in Dynasty Warriors 7 and 8). Players will need to complete various objectives and navigate a diverse range of landscapes including plains, jungles and snow-covered peaks. There will also be a dynamic day/night system and weather cycles.

Platforms, a release date, character and story information has yet to be confirmed but Koei Temco will reveal more information in the coming months. Until then, you can check out the following screenshots to get a better look at the game: