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Dungeons & Dragons Stream of Annihilation Coming June 3&4

Do you like Dungeons and Dragons and also like Nintendo Directs? Well Wizards of the Coast is taking some inspiration from how Nintendo delivers news to their fans, but are going way beyond the standard half hour presentation and will be running a massive marathon Twitch stream over two days titled Stream of Annihilation.

The Stream of Annihilation will kick off at 3am June 4th with all new details on a brand new D&D campaign coming this September, before crossing to a range of  D&D streamers who will let you know all about what campaigns they will be streaming in the near future. Included in those streamers are none other than Australians Dragon Friends, who regularly muddle their way through D&D campaigns, always ensuring that hilarity is never too far away.

Along with the campaign reveal and D&D streamer reveals, there will be heaps of interviews and product reveals through the two day streams, so make sure to tune in to the official Dungeons and Dragons Twitch channel between 3am and 3PM AEST June 3rd and 4th when the stream begins and find out all the Dungeons and Dragons news!

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