Dr. Mario World coming to mobile devices this July

June 18, 2019

Nintendo has announced that Dr. Mario World will be coming to Android and iOS devices on 10 July this year.

The game is free-to-play and is a classic match-3 style puzzler. Players will need to vanquish all the nasty viruses on their screen by tapping, dragging and matching medicine capsules of the same colour. You can line up capsules horizontally or vertically by tapping the capsule to rotate it. There are more than just viruses to look out for though – turtle shells and bombs can be activated to make short work of groups of viruses.

Initially there will be five worlds in the game, but Nintendo plan on adding more in future content updates.

As with many free-to-play games, Dr. Mario World will have a stamina system in place to limit how long you can play the game for. You will start the game with a set number of hearts, and you will use one heart for each level you attempt. Your hearts will regenerate over time. You can use real-world money to purchase in-game diamonds, which can be used to get more hearts or purchase items to use in stages.

Dr. Mario won’t be the only playable character. Dr. Peach, Dr. Luigi. Dr. Yoshi, Dr. Bowser and Dr. Toad can be unlocked using in-game coins or diamonds. Each doctor has a unique skill that can be activated by filling a skill meter. Dr. Peach’s skill, for example, clears an entire single column at random.

Dr. Mario World is now available to pre-register on both the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. You can check out the reveal trailer below.