Doom E3 2015 – Bethesda Conference Recap

June 15, 2015

To begin, a big congratulations needs to go to Bethesda on their first ever E3 2015 conference/presentation. This has been one of the few E3 presentations over the years where my first thought was “omg-wow-holy-jesus-gimme-gimmenow”, and stayed that way until the very end, without ever swaying down to “yeah-okay-notbad.jpg”.

We’ve known a new Doom has been in the works for a little while now, and tonight (or today, wherever you are) was the first time we’ve gotten a decent glimpse at the game to come.

My, what a glimpse it was. Here is what we’ve taken away from the presentation, including some details you need to know:

The new Doom is the first game to be run on the new id Tech 6 engine, and by golly it is gorgeous. Movement and gameplay is incredibly fluid and smooth, with what appears to be almost seamless changes between cutscenes and gameplay. Graphically it’s gorgeous too – while the original Doom was the best for its time, one could say the exact same thing about the new Doom.

Our patience has been rewarded with beautifully brutal and gory action – ripping limbs off, having your own limbs ripped off, and even chainsawing enemies in half, à la Gears of War style.

While the multiplayer aspect appeared to be quite Quake-esque, that’s no surprise (really), and is much appreciated. As well as stock standard multiplayer game types, there will also be a co-op wave/horde mode, which has become an increasingly popular multiplayer game mode over the last few years, and a classic 4×4 death match.

With the original Doom being one of the forefathers for the modding community we have come to love today, id Software have surprised us with a new feature called SnapMap, an ode to OG modding community. SnapMap is just as it sounds – easily create a custom game map by snapping components together, which can be then uploaded to and shared around the world.

Oh and you get to play as that badass skeleton guy with the guns on his shoulders (he’s a Cyberdemon), the same one from the 10 sec teaser we saw earlier in the year. Yeah. Totally cool.

If you missed the stream, and prefer the TL;DR version, here is one of the many videos from Bethesda’s presentation that will soon be popping up on the internet.

Doom will be coming to Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC of Spring 2016.