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Disney classic titles live again on GOG.com

The oligarchs of old-school at GOG.com have added a trio of classic titles from the 90’s which many of our readers will no doubt recognise – as they were some of the most popular movie-based titles of the time. Three Disney games, Aladdin, The Lion King and The Jungle Book are now available for purchase on the website, in what seem to be modern-day ports of their old PC releases.

The games were known at the time for featuring high-quality animation, using a process called ‘Digicel’ which allowed hand-drawn cels from the actual Disney animation team to be digitised in a 16-bit format.

The games are a little pricey right now, currently running you AU $12 (with a 12% off discount at the moment), with a normal price of $13.59. From what I remember of the difficulty level of some of these games, especially The Lion King, that’s a lot of money to pay these days for a handful of levels you’ll be playing over and over again. Nevertheless, the announcement is sure to be a welcome burst of nostalgia for the Disney faithful, and the games are playable on modern Windows, Mac and Linux systems, so head over to GOG.com to check them out.

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