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DiRT 5 Official Features Trailer Reveals Everything You Wanted To Know

DiRT 5 Career Mode
DiRT 5 Career Mode

PLAYSTATION AND CODEMASTERS have just dropped a brand new DiRT 5 Official Features trailer via the official PlayStation Youtube channel which showcases not just all the information you wanted to know about car classes and game modes, but also plenty of gameplay.

The new trailer revealed off-road events such as Stampede, Pathfinder, Rally Raid, and the epic Gymkhana are all making a return along with several others, while also revealing plenty of online multiplayer modes such as Vampire, Transporter and King. Expect to find out a lot more about DiRT 5’s game modes before its September launch.

Last week Codemasters revealed every DiRT 5 car class to remind us that DiRT 5 will definitely include normal rally, along with plenty of fun other gameplay modes to mix things up.

Watch the DiRT 5 Official Features Trailer below:


Brand new, stunning global locations. An incredible variety of off-road machines. More ways to play than ever before. This is DIRT 5. Get ready to LET LOOSE.
Check out our official features trailer for DIRT 5, launching October 9 on PlayStation 4, followed shortly by launching on PlayStation 5. DIRT 5 supports a FREE upgrade option for PlayStation players – so grab DIRT 5 on PS4 and get the next-gen optimised version on PS5, free of charge.

DiRT 5 will launch on October 9th on Windows PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles while arriving later in 2020 on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. For more info, head to the official DiRT website.

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