Digital Copies of The Witcher 3 Not Loading for Some Xbox One Users

June 4, 2015

Reports have been coming in from Reddit and NeoGaf that Xbox One digital copies of The Witcher 3 won’t load.

Affected users will be prompted with an Error 0x87de2726 message upon booting the game.  Microsoft are aware of the issue, noting on the Xbox Live Status page that they’re “working to address [the issue] ASAP!”. Xbox Support also mentioned in a Reddit comment that the error was related to licensing issues.

The Witcher 3 was released last month on PS4, Xbox One and PC to world-wide acclaim. Since its launch in May, developer CD Projekt Red has been hard at work on releasing patches to tweak the game and fix bugs that players have been encountering.

Look out for the Rocket Chainsaw review in the near future.