Diablo III Patch Will Add Paragon Levels, Tweak Magic Find

August 21, 2012

Bizzard have announced today that their upcoming patch (1.0.4) will be making some major changes to Diablo III. They’ve been thinking about ways to improve the Magic Find system, as well as how to please players whose characters have reached level 60, and feel that they’re no longer making any progress in the game. Talking about the patch on the Diablo III blog, game director Jay Wilson explained the changes:

Here’s how it works:

  • After you hit level 60, any further experience you earn from killing monsters will begin to count toward Paragon levels
  • There are 100 Paragon levels

Every Paragon level will reward you with:

  • Core stats such as Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence, and Vitality in amounts similar to what you’d gain from a normal level
  •  3% Magic Find and 3% Gold Find

In addition, a distinctive increasingly-impressive border will surround your character portrait in the in-game party frame to denote your Paragon progression, with a new frame earned after every ten levels. Your Paragon level will also be visible to other players wherever your normal level is shown

With the Paragon system in place, we’re capping Magic Find and Gold Find to 300% (before Nephalem Valor). This means that without any Magic Find gear at all, you’ll hit the cap when you reach Paragon level 100. This way, you can continue wearing your current Magic Find gear as you slowly but surely work to gain Paragon levels.

The tweaks to the Magic Find system are based on player feedback. There’s been a lot of frustration over the unfair nature of swapping gear, and Blizzard want to remedy that. You can read the full write-up on the official blog. So, what do you think of Blizzard’s changes? Let us know in the comments section.