Devolver Digital MaxPass+ Showcase Wrap-Up

June 13, 2021

Devolver Digital MaxPass+

While not technically affiliated with E3 2021, Devolver Digital always make sure to show up with their own off-broadway version of the show every year. Their press conferences and showcases have become one of the highlights of the announcement series every year, with a manic and psychotic energy brought by Devolver that is unlike anything else. Once again, Devolver Digital are taking to the stage/screen to give us a glimpse at their upcoming slate of games, including a number of 2021 releases with their MaxPass+ showcase.

Without further ago, here is the 2021 Devolver Digital MaxPass+ showcase wrap-up:

  • First up we got another look at Shadow Warrior 3, which looks just as incredibly manic as ever, with insanely fast first-person action.

  • After some more wonderfully satirical humour, it was time for another game to be shown with a tailer for Trek to Yomi, a current-gen game from Leonard Menchiari & Flying Wild Hog coming in 2022.

  • Next up was a new trailer for Phantom Abyss, showing off more of that game’s first person Indiana Jones-esque It was confirmed to come to Steam Early Access on June 22.

  • After another short interlude, it was time for another game reveal, with the announcement of Wizard With A Gun, an online co-op sandbox survival game coming to Nintendo Switch and PC in 2022.

  • Then it was time for Death’s Door, a game where Crows are in charge of reaping the souls of the dead. The trailer gave us a good look at the gameplay, with a release of July 20 for PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S confirmed.

  • Next off the ranks, after another fantastic skit, was Inscryption from Daniel Mullins, the creator of Pony Island and The Hex. The game blends deckbuilding, puzzles and horror into a unique package coming to PC later this year.

  • Want something to play on your phone? Why not have a go at Devolver Tumble Time? A physics-based puzzle game, you’ll be able to use special character’s abilities while completing stages. And of course, it’s free! Except for those pesky ads anyway.

  • Then we got a look at Demon Throttle, a physical exclusive game that is being sold by Special Reserve from today. Developed by Doinksoft the game will not be released digitally, and will only be available for purchase for a single month at Special Reserve.