Deus Ex: The Fall coming to PC

February 26, 2014

While we’ll all have to wait a little longer for whatever home console future is in store for the Deus Ex franchise, PC gamers will have a little stopgap to pass the time courtesy of Deus Ex: The Fall.

Originally built for mobile devices and released on iOS back in July last year (Android in January this year), Deus Ex: The Fall follows the story of Ben Saxton and Anna Kelso as they get entagled in a web of conspiracies and mercenary wrong-doings. Canonically, Deus Ex: The Fall acts as a direct sequel to James Swallow’s novel Deus Ex: Icarus Effect, and a prequel to Deus Ex: Human Revolution, featuring references to and appearances from characters tied to Adam Jensen’s story.

The PC release of Deus Ex: The Fall will retain the core game design of the mobile build, along with a handful of enhancement to bring it up to PC scratch, including options for resolution and anti-aliasing, Steam trading cards/badges, adjusted AI, revised controls with full support for mouse/keyboard and control pads, and achievements. Perhaps the most significant change is a rebalanced game economy. Deus Ex: The Fall for iOS/Android used a microtransaction system to upgrade equipment, but this feature has been removed from the PC release in favour of a more traditional game design.

Deus Ex: The Fall for PC will launch on Steam on 26 March 2014, priced at AU$9.99. The Steam store page is active for pre-purchase, all pre-purchases earning a free copy of Deus Ex: Game of the Year Edition.

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