Destiny’s Next Expansion Leaked Online

June 10, 2015

Kotaku has acquired marketing material which reveals details about Destiny‘s next expansion.

In the Kotaku article, it states that the new expansion is called The Taken King, and is scheduled to be released on September 15th at a cost of US$40. The expansion will include new subclasses with new elemental supercharge abilities. Warlocks will have a new arc subclass with an electrical storm supercharge, Hunters will have a void subclass with gravity bow supercharge, and Titans will have a solar subclass with a flaming hammer supercharge.

The Taken King will also have new strikes, new PvP maps, and a new raid that pits players against Crota’s father, Oryx. Crota was the titular character of Destiny’s first expansion. Oryx is looking for revenge against the Guardians and enlists the help of his army, the Taken.

At the time of writing, Bungie has not commented on the leak. With E3 only a week away, we suspect Bungie was planning on making a formal announcement at the event. Stay tuned to Rocket Chainsaw for more details as they become available.