Destiny 2 Revealed And Detailed

May 20, 2017

While Destiny didn’t quite hit the highs that many fans of Halo expected to see from Bungie, there is no doubt that the game was massively addictive and incredibly popular. After showing off a cinematic reveal trailer earlier in the year, Bungie have lifted the lid on Destiny 2 and shown off a whole swathe of gameplay footage on Twitch, along with releasing many details about the game.

There will be four new destinations for you to explore in Destiny 2, including the European Deadzone, the largest destination in Destiny so far, featuring a lush forest, a cave system and a Red Legion miltary base. You’ll be jetting off to Titan, one of Saturn’s moons, where Commander Zavala is regrouping at the hands of Gaul. There’s also Nessus, a large unstable planetoid that has been fully consumed by the Vex, where Cayde-6 is on his own adventure. Finally, you’ll go to Io, one of Jupiter’s moons. On Io, you’ll find Ikora Rey as she searches for answers in the last known site of the Traveler during the Golden Age. Each of these areas is different before, containing new Adventures, Lost Sectors, Public Events and more. You’ll get to pick a landing zone in each area, explore and seamlessly jump into different activities in the game.

Adventures are a new addition to exploration in Destiny 2. They’re shorter missions with fully-contained stories for players to learn more about the Destiny 2 universe. Lost Sectors are also new and are scattered, enemy dungeon layers throughout the world you can discover where enemy bosses guard treasure. Public Events are combat events, like before, with support for up to 9 other players.

While you fight to take the Universe back from the evil Cabal forces in the campaign, you’ll find a number of additional activities to take on, similar to the original game. The number of Strikes haven’t been confirmed, but they’re back, and there will be 1 Raid included in the game. The Crucible is back with new modes including Countdown. In Countdown the goal is to plant and defend a bomb in your enemy base, while the other team tries to stop you planting the bomb and destroy it if you do. To better support in-game co-operative play, Bungie have created a new integrated Clan function into the game, with new banners, icons and Clan experience and rewards to earn. The best inclusion, however, is the new Guided Games feature, which will bring players together to play Raids, Trials and Nightfall Strikes together. That’s right, Destiny 2 will finally have a matchmaking or LFG equivalent within the game for the games hardest trails.

Destiny 2 also marks the series first entry into the PC market, but those hoping for a Steam release will be disappointed, as the game will become the first non-Blizzard game to release on This will allow the game to leverage Blizzard’s existing social features, while Bungie will still be handling all servers for the game. The PC version will support 4k resolutions, uncapped framerates, adjustable field of view, 21:9 support and a range of detailed graphics settings.

Destiny 2 will release for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on September 8th, with the PC release to come at an as-yet unconfirmed later date.