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Destiny 2 Live Action Trailer is Region Specific

Bungie has today uploaded a Destiny 2 Live Action trailer to the Official Destiny Youtube Channel. The trailer runs for two minutes and features one Guardian giving directions to a group of three fresh Guardians, all in the name of puppies. A brief part of the story is revealed, with the new alien enemy force being led by evil mastermind Gall (or Gahl? (or Gaal??)) who plans to force humanity into permanent darkness.

The trailer has been uploaded twelve times now with twelve different versions depending on your region. The key difference is the food shown exploding prior to the puppies segment. In the American version tacos get blown up, while in the UK version they blow up a cup of tea, your mum’s Sunday roast, slippers and a weekend breakfast. The German version sees a¬†Weisswurst get blown up, while the French version has a different kind of sausage blown to smithereens.

We’d link to the Australian Destiny 2 Live Action trailer but unfortunately it’s identical to the USA trailer. We’re not sure why they didn’t just copy the UK trailer in this case, as it seems to be more synonymous to Australia than Tacos Tuesday.

Check out the American “Tacos Tuesday” version below:


Rocket Chainsaw would have liked to have seen Bungie make an Australian specific Destiny 2 Live Action trailer with a Bunnings snag, some sunscreen and a jar of Vegemite, but we are apparently just another state of America today.

Originally revealed in May, Destiny 2 is said to be larger and more expansive than the original Destiny with all expansions. We are looking forward to exploring the open areas and being the judge of that, after the disappointingly small open-world areas of the original game.

Destiny 2 launches on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on September 6, 2017 while Windows PC players need to wait until October 25 to become a Guardian again.

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