Demo Coming for Tales of Berseria and Preorders Open Now

December 12, 2016

Bandai Namco Entertainment Europe have officially announced that preorders are open now for Tales of Berseria and that a demo will become available on the Playstation Network and Steam from January 10th onwards, in case you wanted to try it before you buy it.

Tales of Berseria is the latest release in the long-running Tales of action-RPG franchise, with the latest entry into the series being last year’s Tales of Zesteria. Tales of Berseria looks to be the strongest release in the franchise in some time, and will also continue Bandai Namco’s recent PC support with the game releasing on Steam at the same time as it does on Playstation 4.

If you enjoy your time with the demo and want to preorder or have already decided to preorder the game, you’ll be happy to know that preorders come with some additional content. All preorders of Tales of Berseria come with an exclusive 15 minute skit in Japanese language with English subtitles. Preorders on Steam also come with a 10% discount, while preorders on Playstation 4 come 3 soundtracks and a theme.

Tales of Berseria is scheduled to release on January 27th for both PC and Playstation 4, so check out the new trailer while you wait!